The show was started by Mike Keogh to gather together the best of British knives and showcase them amongst the knife designs of makers from other countries.

These days, there is a big focus on bushcraft as more people feel inspired to take a closer look at more natural ways of living.

It is a warm and friendly place to view some of the top knife makers in the country. Some of the UK’s largest knife retailers will be there too and you’ll have the opportunity to get the low down all the latest developments in the knife industry.

Mike also runs Mikes Knives – a site for handmade and collectable knife trading.

International knife makers

There will be guest exhibitors from other countries too so it’s a great time to see just how good the quality is from these makers, and meet them in person.

A huge range of knives and axes will be on display along with accessories, sharpening kits and more.

A selection of the UK’s top knife makers and dealers will be showing and selling at the event.

Exhibitors at the 2016 Show

Twisted Assisted
IL Knives
LB Custom Knives
Jacklore Knives
Parabellum Consulting
MC Custom Made
Haidu Ceramics
Eggington Bros
English Handmade Knives
GPS Agencies
Penfold Knives
WCB Associaties
Ben and Lois Orford

Wayne Potter
The Identity Store
Moonraker Knives
The Bushcraft Store
Titan Grinder
Paul Mason
Andy Martland
Colin Cooper
Alan Wood
Tandy Leather
White Tiger Knives
Mick Wardell
Guy Stainthorp

Iron Hoarder
Barry Yexley
Jimmy Pie
Edge Matters
Knives and Gear UK
Downland Engineering
Ed Penfold
Pegasus Knives
Bison Bushcraft
Barmond Steel
Rich P
7K Metalworks