What to expect at the knife show

What to expect at the knife show

A lot of people wonder why anyone would get excited by a knife show, which is understandable.

When those same people view the knives, made by some of the country’s top knife makers, they soon realise the dedication and attention to detail that has gone into each one. Even though they may not be outdoor people or Crocodile Dundees, they can appreciate their usefulness in every day life.

The knives on display are not just “bush wackers” or Ray Mears survival knives, they are small Every Day Carry knives that make our lives so much easier. They are the supersharp kitchen knives that help us prepare our favourite Sushi dish for our guests.  Their usefulness is only limited by our perception of them as mere weapons.

Of course, the stories in the news remind us of how dangerous they can be but this is also true of cars and powertools.

At the show, you will find an open-minded crowd who are respectful of the makers and their products, and the atmosphere is one of fun and appreciation.

We hope you enjoy your visit to the show.

Sharpest Knife Competition

Sharpest Knife Competition

Using a BESS Certified sharpness testing machine, Tactical Reviews will be accepting entries for The Sharpest Knife’ Competition, to definitively determine who has the sharpest edge.

Enter the competition or have your knife sharpness certified.

The winning knife and sharpening method will be announced on TacticalReviews.co.uk

Prizes will be announced on the day. There will be one main prize for the winning entry. TacticalReviews has full details on the BESS scoring and the competition rules, be sure to check them out before show day.

(Full prize only available to a winner aged 18 or over.) Below is a glimpse of last years prize.


Go to the Tactical Reviews website for
more info on the Sharpness Competition >

Stephen Nowacki Knife

Stephen Nowacki Knife

Featured Knife 2018

This year’s featured blade is the Knives UK 2017 “Best Fixed Blade by a professional maker

It was for a split ring-guard Bowie by Stephen Nowacki.

Steve has been a professional knife maker since early 2015.

Working mainly in O1 steel, Steve will often also work in other steels like EN43 and EN45 to make fixed blade knives.

Each of his knives are customised to suit the needs of the user and are aimed at gamekeepers, bushcrafters, stalkers, Ghillies and professional soldiers or top tier military.

Blades come with a flat grind and every aspect of the knife and sheath are done by Steve in his UK workshop.

See the Stephen’s knife gallery >

Photo by: Caleb Royer Knife Photos Caleb-Royer-photos